Frequently Asked Questions


Will you draw me?

No, I am currently not doing commissions and I do not do exposure work. 

Can I use your art on my-

No. This work is not for use.

Can I use one of your characters as a face claim?

No. All characters and designs are very personally to me and not for use. 

How dare you kill animals for bone collecting!

All specimens in my collection passed from natural causes. I have found them out in my family field as they are and I have cleaned them for preservation. 

I have this really cool map idea-

Currently, I will only be making maps for myself and close friends. I am not comfortable enough to open commissions and I do not do exposure work.

This map is really cool can I use it?

I would prefer you did not unless it says it is up for free use.

Can I use any of your stuff?

You may only use what is labeled as free to use.